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Protest Against Huge Budget Cuts in Bradford

Protesters outside the council meeting

Protesters outside the council meeting

Anti-austerity protesters turned up outside Bradford town hall last Thursday to make their feelings known. As one protester said: ‘we will not take these cuts lying down’!

Peter Robson, Bradford Socialist Party

And what are these cuts?  About £170 million in total to be precise, what also is precise is where these horrendous cut backs will in effect ‘land’ on the people of this district.  Bradford is not a wealthy town that has been well documented, but the Con-Dem government’s disproportionate ‘attack’ on northern cities and towns seems to me to be totally ideological.

The North is still the most unionised part of the country, probably the most militant and certainly has some of the poorest areas of England.  So the cuts to education and social care to name a few will have a devastating effect on people in this city.

Clearly, if you are a Whitehall minister with no actual clue where Bradford is, job done I suspect.  Walking through Bradford at times, it is palpable the amount of people begging on the streets, this surely must also be an indicator of the problems ahead.

We brought a Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) banner to the protest and gained a lot of local publicity for this (see two articles in the Telegraph & Argus – Article 1 & Article 2)

But the fight has only just begun to eventually stand candidates that will not lie and renege on their promises, only then will working class people have faith in the political process again.  We’re aiming to stand 7 TUSC candidates in the local council elections in May.


Newsquest NUJ strike in North East

Striking NUJ members took to the picket lines on Tuesday 18th February at three Newsquest titles in the North East. Up to 25 jobs will be lost at the Northern Echo, The Press and the Bradford Telegraph & Argus if plans to move subbing jobs to Wales go ahead.

Staff from all departments of the T & A were at the picket line in Bradford, all aware that a reduction in numbers won’t be followed by a loss in workload, meaning less people doing more work. There was also frustration at the idea of moving an entire department 250 miles, to Newport, yet continuing to advertise themselves as a ‘local’ paper. Many were equally wary of the practicalities of working with such a chunk of the newspaper being made away from the main building, and being done by staff who will be given multiple papers to sub within any one shift.

With other Newsquest titles facing a similar fate, as the company create a ‘super hub’ for subbing in Newport, this is unlikely to be the last action they face if they push ahead with their plans.

Ian Slattery, Bradford Socialist Party