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Protesting to Defend Children’s Services in Bradford

Socialist Party members joined a People’s Assembly organised protest  in Bradford city centre on Saturday 10th February 2018  in response to £13 million cuts to Early Years and Prevention child services.

Julie Carr, Bradford Socialist Party

Around 50 people attended, including Unite union representatives, staff working for the council,  families that been helped by these services, independent Bradford  councillors as well as the general public.

The weather was not the best but many people stopped and signed the petition. Speeches were given by: someone who had suffered from post natal depression helped by these services and  David Ward (independent councillor). When one of the local Unite reps gave his speech I was shocked to learn that 437 people are to lose their jobs. This was because I had read the reports in local paper; The Telegraph and Argus, whom only recorded the job losses as 200.

I spoke at the protest to talk about cuts in Bradford in general. I felt it was important to do so as they all have a knock affect with each other. Especially in the case of the planned STP across West Yorkshire.  In these new proposals more closures are planned, such as reducing the present number of stroke units across West Yorkshire.

This I felt was a particularly important point to make at this protest. Often it is the job of child services to support disabled or ill parents. If there is no support who is going help stroke victims with childcare and travel during rehabilitation