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Disabled activists protest in Bradford

Hardest Hit protest in Centenary Square, Bradford

Hardest Hit protest in Centenary Square, Bradford

Around 25 people, mostly from the Bradford Disabled Peoples Forum, held a ‘Hardest Hit’ protest in Centenary Square, Bradford on Friday 2nd November.

Paul Anderson, a member of the forum, stated that whilst they were also handing over to leaders of political groups on the council Hardest Hit’s new report ‘The Tipping Point’ (see article discussing the report –, they were also there to oppose “disabled people and their families paying for an economic crisis they didn’t cause.”

Iain Dalton, brought greetings from the Socialist Party, stating how the anger of disbaled people at the attacks raining down on them should be reflected by building a mass campaign of diabled people with further protests in other towns and cities. He also highlighted that alongside disabled people, low paid workers, young people and others were facing the burden of savage cuts to jobs, public services and benefits and called for those there to link up with the trade unions when they protest and take strike action against the cuts

Five copies of the new issue of the Socialist were sold.